Author: Gary Taylor

Taking Your Relationship To The Next Level – Are You Really Ready?

youngcoupleonbeachAre you in a relationship with someone that you love and enjoy spending time with? If you are, then you might be anticipating the future and what’s in store for your love.

While the natural progression of things might be leading you to marriage right now, that may not be the right choice for you. After all, everyone is different, and not all relationships progress to marriage as quickly as others.

If you are trying to figure out what the right next step for you is, then take a look at the tips below. They can help you get started so that you are confident with knowing what you want.  That way you can work toward a future that involves the person you’ve looked so hard to find!


Are you committed to spending your future with your current partner? Being in love right now is important, and you have to be honest with your feelings.

If you eventually want this to move to marriage, you’re going to need that feeling of bliss when you’re with that other person. While your relationship will naturally change as you spend more time together, it’s important that you enjoy that time and think of your partner like one of your best friends.

If you know that you’re committed and are ready to move on, then figuring out your plan is the next step.

Your Plan

What are your short term plans for your relationship? Do you want to move in with each other, take a vacation alone with each other, get an animal together or maybe start meeting each others families?

Write out your short-term goals for the near future, and by when you want to accomplish them. Once you’ve thought on that, you’ll need to sort out your long-term goals for the future of your relationship.

This plan may involve: an engagement, marriage, kids, purchasing a home, moving up in your career, figuring out where you want to live and other important details. Choose whatever is the right fit for you, and then discuss this plan with your partner to see if what you want is in line with what they want.

Let’s face it: marriage is a huge commitment, and if you’re going in that direction with the person that you love, then it’s important to set a plan in place now. While things might change down the road due to the fact that life is unpredictable, you’ll still have a general guideline of how you want things to go.

Once you make the commitment to spend the rest of your lives together, you’ll need to learn to compromise, agree to disagree and work on your relationship at all times. There will be things that surprise you along the way, but starting a new life with someone means that you’re willing to overcome struggles and challenges for the amazing feeling of being together.

Once you’re both fully dedicated to your relationship, you’ll find that your feelings of love have more depth, and that the life you create together can have more meaning than you ever thought was possible.

When Is The Right Time To Escalate To A Sexual Relationship With A Woman?

womaninblackIn recent times, the hottest topic of discussion in the dating arena has been escalation windows.  When you want to escalate to a sexual relationship with a woman, you need to have an idea about when to escalate.  You may receive some minor signs like eager eyes, unlocked lips and more.

It’s worth mentioning that escalation windows can be quite hard to spot. Therefore, you need to act with conviction. Moreover, you need to act quickly.

It’s important to understand that you need to lay the foundation for that golden opportunity.  Though most golden opportunities don’t last long, you need the girl to be ready to give you one.  Thus, there are some things you can do to make sure you get that opportunity at the right time, and it leads to the best night of your life.

Lead Her From The Beginning

It’s important to lead her right from the beginning. You need to get some compliance momentum and speed on your side. At times, you may hit an orange stop light somewhere along the line. When the times, it won’t be completely unexpected for the woman when you run right through this stoplight. You need to lay the foundation, and let her know where the night’s leading.

Be Clear With Your Intent

This is perhaps the most important tip. You need to let the woman know that you’re interested in her sexually. This will make sure she isn’t surprised or shocked when things begin to escalate.  Clarity will let her ease into everything.  Download the Language of Lust to learn the absolute best way to communicate with a woman if you want to create sexual attraction and desire.

Never Be Creepy

In order to avoid being creepy, you should calibrate yourself socially to her mood. It’s also important to make sure all your actions are congruent with your overall personality. If the woman thinks you’re creepy, she won’t let you anywhere near her. It’s very important to be subtle, decent and courteous when dealing with a woman.

Allow Her To Have A Carefree Mindset

This is another excellent tip to make sure you lay the foundation for getting opportunities from the woman. While taking to the woman, you should use words like nice, comfortable, relaxed and more. This will make the escalation seem natural, and get her ready for the sexual encounter.

When it comes to escalating things to a sexual relationship, you don’t have to worry about the right time.  The right time is whenever you want it. You just need to focus on these tips to make sure things escalate in a planned manner, and you lay the groundwork to make your woman feel comfortable.

Attract Her And Keep Her Interested

Are you struggling to keep the girl you fancy interested in you? Do not worry, you are not alone.  A lot of people have the same problems since girls can be extremely selective of the person they want to keep a long to term relationship with. So if you want to know the best way to keep a girl interested in you, apply the tips that are given as follows and have a long love life.

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Tip1: Pursue Her Interests-

Gone are the days when ?e yourself’ was the formula to a healthy relationship. These days, relationships require much more effort. To keep her interested, you must pursue activities that interest her. Ask her what she likes to do, like cycling, painting, swimming or anything and encourage her to do it further, do it with her if that is possible.

Tip2: Learn New Things Together-

After dating a girl for some time, it might get a little monotonous. Remember my friend, girls dislike monotony, and they always need new spice in life so keep her interested. So, to prevent her from getting bored of you and your old stories, learn new things together. You can try learning a new language or a new sport. This will keep you two busy together and provide new topics to discuss.

Tip3: Surprise Her-

flirtingThe worst thing for a relationship is monotony and boredom. So to keep the relationship interesting, surprise her whenever you can. This does not necessarily mean you need to buy her expensive gifts. You can randomly take her out for dinner, gift her flowers for no specific occasion, kiss her spontaneous and do various other small things which will surprise her and will make her feel special.

Tip4: Fulfil Her Needs-

When I say ?eed’, I do not mean the physical needs only. The needs of a woman can be physical, emotional or financial. You need to understand her needs and fulfill them, to the best of your ability. Your girl may not tell you directly about her needs all the time but you need to understand her discomfort and find a solution. This will strengthen your love and keep her interested in you always.

Tip5: Make Efforts-

Girls adore it when you make special efforts for them. Little gestures like cooking lunch for a day, making a love card, trying to look sexy and such others to woo her would be appreciated beyond imagination, no matter how new or old your relationship is.

Tip6: Get Alone Time-

Do not always include a bunch of friends when you are going out. Girls always desire for alone time with their love when they can just hold hands and watch a movie or just look deep into each other and kiss. So whenever, possible, spend time with your girl to keep her interested.

Tip7: Communicate-

A stable relationship is not only about physical intimacy. Communication is very important for a girl to stick to a relationship. Let her tell you all that is new in her life, tell her your stories. There must be enough communication between the two of you so build up a level of comfort zone. Being a good listener to a girl attracts her very much.

Tip8: Praise Her-

Girls and praises go hand in hand. So if you want to keep your girl forever interested, never miss out on a chance to praise her. Praise her for the new nail paint or the dimples on her cheek. Praise her for the smallest or the biggest reason and continue to do so even if your relationship is old. This makes any girl very happy.

Tip9: Do Not Ask Too Many Questions-

Do not try to be the guardian of the girl you like. Try and be liberal. If there is anything that you need to know, she will tell know. Do not burden the girl with questions about the past or future. Trust her as much as you can.

Tip10: Do Not Fake It-

This is probably the best way to keep a girl interested in you. You must always be true regarding your feelings and gesture to the girl. Faking love, care, sympathy or empathy could be easily identified and that will upset the girl like nothing else. When a girl notices, that whatever you do for her, you do it with all you heart and care, she is bound to be interested in you for life.

Get A Girlfriend Even If You’re Ugly…Here’s How!

So You’re Not Good Looking.  Can You Still Get A Girlfriend?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the ugliest of guys get the hottest of girlfriends? It does not make sense since in the unspoken rules of society; beautiful should go with same. But the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is truer than you can imagine. Being ugly is relative and what others will see as ugly someone else will see only beauty.

But in the society we live in today, being ugly (according to common beauty standards) does not automatically qualify you for the hottest chicks. Even most of the ugly guys we mentioned in the opening sentence have lots of cash to make them attractive to girls.

So what is an ugly guy to do to get a girlfriend?

1. Work on yourself esteem

You may be ugly but self confidence can be more than enough to cover that up. If you look around you will notice that most ugly guys with girlfriends are loudmouths and very confident of themselves. Start by working up your self esteem and confidence so that when you meet a girl, your looks are not the first thing she encounters.

2. Dress well

Dressing well will not only make you look good but it will also boost your confidence level. Know what fashion style works best for you and even if you have to spend a small fortune on it, go for it.

3. Make your conversations interesting

While most girls fantasize about meeting a super hot guy, they soon realize that even a hot guy is not fun if his conversations are boring. Work on being a good talker. Once you meet a girl, find out what topics she likes and find a way to keep her interested by talking about them.

4. Seek to build a friendship (but don’t be left in the friend zone)

Hot guys will usually go straight to the sex part without even looking to know the girl. Take a different route and seek to first form a friendship. This way, she will have some emotional investment in you.  However, be careful of being too much of a friend that you forget you wanted a sexual relationship. Make your intentions very clear.

5. Don’t give up

Even hot guys get rejected, you are not the first one nor will you be the last one. So if you approach a girl and she shows no interest don’t let it affect your future attempts.

With these tips, you may even have a better chance of scoring with the best of chicks than other guys society considers handsome.

The Best Way To Get A Girl To Like You


Nothing beats being liked by someone you like. This explains why people go to great lengths searching for true love. If you are interested in discovering the best way to get a girl to like you, you are in the right place.  Below are 5 proven tips.

sexy-woman1. Be yourself: This is by far the best way to make any woman fall for you. There is nothing as good as making someone like you for who you are. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pretend; you have money, you are famous, you are a player etc. to get girls to like you. In fact, many women despise men who are pretenders. It is therefore better to be yourself if you want to be liked genuinely. Furthermore, you don’t have to struggle being who you aren’t which makes things easier for you.

2. Don’t be jealous: This is another effective tip proven to create instant attraction with women. Although it’s natural to be jealous when you like someone, you should banish jealousy from your vocabulary if you want to be liked genuinely a girl you like. It is important to note that women use jealousy often to test men i.e see how secure you are. If she notices you aren’t jealous, she will find you very attractive since most guys are jealous. Women despise jealous men since it’s a sign of insecurity.

3. Be confident: Women also love confident men. If you want to be liked genuinely by a girl you like, you must act confident. Confidence is a sign of power which is very attractive. Women love men who are sure about themselves. It is therefore important to eliminate any insecurities you may have if you want to make girls like you. It doesn’t matter where you are. Your body language and voice should convey confidence at all times.

4. Improve yourself constantly: You also need to be continuously improving yourself to win the hearts of many girls. Women love progress. You must be ambitious and in constant pursuit of your dreams to remain attractive in the eyes of many women. You will have a very hard time getting any girl to like you if your life looks miserable and you keep complaining and doing nothing.

Take action and improve yourself daily.  If you’re not sure how to go about this, a program like the Girlfriend Activation System can help tremendously.  Not only will the GFAS teach you everything you need to know to attract and get the girl you want step-by-step, it will also give you actionable skills and techniques to become the type of man every woman wants.  If you’re not familiar with the Girlfriend System, Newspaper Cat and Stability Pact both have excellent reviews that cover the entire program inside and out.  If you’re in a hurry, a more succinct GFAS review can be found at

5. Don’t be needy: Women hate needy/clingy guys. It is therefore important to give your girl as much free time as she wants if you want her to like you. This is precisely why you should have a life of your own. You shouldn’t cancel your plans or insist on meeting a girl you like when she isn’t available because it kills natural attraction.


In summary, the above tips summarize the best ways to get a girl to like you. Although there may be other equally good tips to consider, the above tips have been tested and proven to work.