Get A Girlfriend Even If You’re Ugly…Here’s How!

So You’re Not Good Looking.  Can You Still Get A Girlfriend?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the ugliest of guys get the hottest of girlfriends? It does not make sense since in the unspoken rules of society; beautiful should go with same. But the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is truer than you can imagine. Being ugly is relative and what others will see as ugly someone else will see only beauty.

But in the society we live in today, being ugly (according to common beauty standards) does not automatically qualify you for the hottest chicks. Even most of the ugly guys we mentioned in the opening sentence have lots of cash to make them attractive to girls.

So what is an ugly guy to do to get a girlfriend?

1. Work on yourself esteem

You may be ugly but self confidence can be more than enough to cover that up. If you look around you will notice that most ugly guys with girlfriends are loudmouths and very confident of themselves. Start by working up your self esteem and confidence so that when you meet a girl, your looks are not the first thing she encounters.

2. Dress well

Dressing well will not only make you look good but it will also boost your confidence level. Know what fashion style works best for you and even if you have to spend a small fortune on it, go for it.

3. Make your conversations interesting

While most girls fantasize about meeting a super hot guy, they soon realize that even a hot guy is not fun if his conversations are boring. Work on being a good talker. Once you meet a girl, find out what topics she likes and find a way to keep her interested by talking about them.

4. Seek to build a friendship (but don’t be left in the friend zone)

Hot guys will usually go straight to the sex part without even looking to know the girl. Take a different route and seek to first form a friendship. This way, she will have some emotional investment in you.  However, be careful of being too much of a friend that you forget you wanted a sexual relationship. Make your intentions very clear.

5. Don’t give up

Even hot guys get rejected, you are not the first one nor will you be the last one. So if you approach a girl and she shows no interest don’t let it affect your future attempts.

With these tips, you may even have a better chance of scoring with the best of chicks than other guys society considers handsome.